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“My goal has always been to combine physical therapy and strength training”

I have learned that it is possible to combine the focus of multiple professions into a cohesive, streamlined approach to rehabilitation, training, and injury prevention. Not only do the athletes I work with get stronger, they understand why we do what we do.

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Eighty-three per cent of elite athletes return to preinjury sport after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a systematic review with meta-analysis of return to sport rates, graft rupture rates and performance outcomes

Interesting study from La Trobe University (Australia), Linköping University (Sweden), and Aspetar Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Hospital (Qatar). Click here for full text. Abstract Objectives The primary objective was to calculate the rate of return to sport...






Trusted by many to help achieve their goals.



I am a marathoner & have been going working with David for several years now for my minor running injuries. Not only has he helped me to get back to regular training, he is also an athlete himself. With his expertise, I have learned a lot about challenging myself without overdoing my running. Over time, I have become a better and more consistent runner and have stayed away from many of the smaller injuries that had been much more frequent a few years ago. I attribute much of this success to the help & the things I have learned from working with David. I trust his experience & advice to strengthen me to get back to my training when I am injured. The best example I can give was preparing for the Boston Marathon; I got a heel injury about 8 weeks before the race. The timing was horrible, but I worked with David work my way back into running. That marathon turned out to be my best Boston Marathon up to that point!

  Dan F


David is amazing. The first time I met him I could tell how much he cares about getting his clients back to doing what they love. He was very thorough and really took the time to figure out exactly what was needed in order for me to run again. David goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to his clients. I have small children and it was very hard for me to fit this into my schedule. David was willing to meet me at 6:30 am so I could complete my physical therapy. His willingness to meet so early for me was just one way in which David shows dedication to his clients. I strongly recommend David to all of my friends and family



How can I begin to express my sincere gratitude? In these last two months I’m not only had my physical recovery aided, but I’ve also had the rare opportunity to see compassion and sacrifice at its finest. David, I can’t say that I’m glad I injured myself in the first place, but I’m certainly honored to have met and worked with you.



I have had an opportunity over many years to know Roger and David and to witness their clients’ level of satisfaction with their expertise and commitment. Their academic credentials and “in the trenches” experience working with sedentary and active clients, and high caliber athletes over decades – and their many contacts with other professionals enables them devise safe and effective training and rehabilitation regimes for a wide range of clients. Having been a client and patient of theirs – I also know this first hand.

  Thomas R. Baechle, EdD, CSCS

Professor and Chair, Creighton University


Finished the marathon!!! Minimal knee pain! Felt great during the half marathon! Thanks for all the help!



I am so appreciative for all your help in getting me running again! I was successfully to complete the 1/2 today in 1:57:21. My left foot and calf were pain free.



Thanks David. I ran 3:01:01 (in the Boston Marathon). It was a tough course. I had a great, great time. I will never forget it.



I wanted to thank you again for helping me get back on my feet! I ran the half marathon and had a great time. Thanks again for your help!



I wanted to reach out and thank you for everything you did for Shannen – she really liked you and the personal care you gave her! As Shannen explained to me, part of your job is to connect with your clients, and you were obviously very good at that because Shannen had a strong connection with you!



The run today was a piece of cake. No soreness from yesterday. No pain during running.



Thank you so for seeing me yesterday!! I really appreciate you taking time to for me. Your plan for my goals seems do-able and like it will help me a great deal. Thanks again!



Liv is doing well. I think she especially loved the attention you gave to her. She is doing her exercises and it is working very well for her. Thank you again for your help!



I am good to go and I had my first run on Sunday of 3 miles which was totally successful—no pain during the run at all! Better still, no pain, swelling, stiffness, weakness afterwards either. It has been a long seven months coming, but what a great day that was!



I can definitely work with this—thanks David!



I ran down in KC this weekend and took 5 more minutes off my time, so I’m down to 2:04 now. I swear I will get under 2 eventually. I don’t know why I think I need to tell you each time I run, but that’s the way it is so you just have to put up with me 🙂 Marathon in 2 weeks…



Thank you so much for all you have done for Simeon. I am so impressed at how well she has progressed. We will definitely come back to work with you again!



Thank you so much for getting me ready for the Warrior Dash. There’s no way I could have been ready for all the obstacles without your advice. Your insight and training plan were a big part of why I did so well (4th in my heat!). Thanks again for everything!



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