the gift of being coached

“In the end, I guess the most important person we need to answer to is the face we see in the mirror every morning.” It’s one of those things that people say. It’s a cliche. And unlike most cliches, it’s dead wrong. In this month’s...

pelé says lionel messi still not there

Interesting ESPN article . . . I believe several are still above Messi (e.g., Pele, Maradona, Cruyff). But, he’s still quite young (only 24 years old). So, what do you think?  Who is better, Pele or Messi?  

five tips for fitness success

With the start of the new year, are you faced with what you perceive as an “impossible goal?” Below are some strategies from the National Strength and Conditioning Association to help you confront and overcome both physical and mental hurdles to achieving your goals....
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