Nice review from Eli Mizelman.

This study investigated the acute effects of a half-time re-warm up on performance and movement patterns in soccer match play.

In a crossover design, 22 players performed traditional passive rest or a low-intensity re-warm up during the half-time period of two soccer matches. Before and after the first half and the second half, maximal sprint and jump performance were evaluated.
In addition, time–motion analysis of the first 15 min of each half was conducted.

1) Sprint and jump performance were significantly reduced by 2.6% and 7.6%, respectively, during the half-time period in the passive rest, whereas sprint performance was maintained and the decrement in jump performance (3.1%) was lower after re-warm up.
2) After the re-warm up, the players had more possession of the ball in the beginning of the second half in comparison to after resting.

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