Me with my kids around mile 8 . . . seeing them made my race!

Well, today’s race didn’t go as planned. I finished the Lincoln Half Marathon in a surprising 2:35 (nearly 45 minutes slower than my previous best time). The first two or three miles were good enough, but then I began having chills, feeling nauseous, and having stomach cramps. So, my run turned into a walk/run combo. While I am disappointed in the result, there are some positives I will take from it:

  • 13.1 miles is the farthest I’ve run in nearly eight years . . . something to build on
  • IMG_3297

    Almost to the finish, turning to look as Jonah yelled my name!

    I got to see my family multiple times, always cool to have their support

  • I saw a few other friends during the second half of the race; seeing them lifted my spirits during a challenging day
  • My friend Mariah broke 2:00, super proud of her!
  • Several other friends had great results, including:
    • Kris
    • Wayne
    • Liz
    • Sarah
    • Kayleen