“If you need to bring your children, just let them loose in the silent meditation class. Nobody minds, and kids love candles.”

What a great post for a Friday!  As a father of four, I loved the advice above!

Thanks Marcy and Stephanie for sharing this!

Other favorites from the Wall Street Journal article:


“4.  No one in the history of gyms has ever lost a pound while reading “The New Yorker” and slowly pedaling a recumbent bicycle. No one.”

“13.  Avoid Unsolicited Advice Guy, who, for the small fee of boring you to death, will explain the proper method for any exercise in 45 minutes or longer.”

“25.  Fact: Thinking about going to the gym burns between 0 and 0 calories.”

“27.  There is no secret. Exercise and lay off the fries. The end.”

What’s your favorite gym rule?