what i do

OSPT_StoryIn 2002, I quit my job with one of the largest providers of physical therapy services in Omaha.  My goal was to provide Omaha with the first rehabilitation facility dedicated to the treatment of sports-related injuries.  The result of that venture was developing a unique approach to physical therapy for injured athletes, a process I termed, performance-driven rehabilitation.

Performance-driven rehabilitation is the art of discovering an athlete’s core purpose and goals and working tirelessly together to achieve that purpose and to guide athletes back to the field, court, track and course.

22415380When my athletes embrace their purpose and goals. When my athlete understand that returning to play requires more than simple strengthening and stretching. When my athlete appreciate the unique approach of performance-driven rehabilitation. When my athlete understand and appreciate what makes them different and unique, that fight is halfway over.

From that beginning, I have been able to expand and now provide a number of other services from plyometric and throwing programs to video analysis and post-rehab training.

Each of those services complement my rehab approach and may be used in conjunction with formal physical therapy or by themselves to help athletes get where they want to go.

So click on each of these services and explore more of what we have to offer.