david potach

The journey is better than the inn. ~Cervantes

I have been a leader, sports physical therapist, strength training & conditioning coach, running coach, and author for over 25 years. I have primarily focused on training athletes, individuals, sports teams, organizations, and companies interested in reaching their optimal performance levels.

Fellow American College of healthcare executives

Board-Certified Sports Physical Therapist

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

David Potach

My goal is to help as many people as I can achieve their goals in sport, school, and life. I have worked with thousands of athletes, from runners to soccer players, gymnasts to dancers, undergraduate to doctoral students. In doing so, I have thoroughly enjoyed helping navigate the journey.


David Potach is one of the best sports training and rehab minds I have run across in my 15 years as a competitive athlete and his information and training methods are always on the cutting edge of science

– MMA Athlete


How can I begin to express my sincere gratitude? David, I can’t say that I’m glad I injured myself in the first place, but I’m certainly honored to have met and worked with you.

– Marathon Runner


The time and effort you have put into my growth and intelligence as a plyer and a person is beyond anything I could have asked for. I am ten times stronger and faster.

– D-I College Soccer player