barcelona coach to step down

After an absolutely amazing run (this past week not withstanding), Barcelona’s coach, Pep Guardiola is stepping down at the end of the year.  He will be replaced by long time assistant, Tito Vilanova.  “Despite developing one of the greatest teams world...

my hero

My mom often tells me what a good parent I am. I admit that I love my four kids with all my heart.  I try to be a good role model, encouraging an active lifestyle and inquisitive nature, helping them understand the role God plays in their lives and teaching them right...

messi v. neymar

On Wednesday, Pele–greatest soccer player of all time–suggested that Brazil’s Neymar is better than Barcelona record breaker Messi.  Interesting. Neymar highlights. Messi highlights.

kentucky-yankees connection?

I sure hope this is the case, but after yesterday’s opening day loss . . . 1949 – Kentucky bests Oklahoma A&M for the crown; Casey’s boys best the Dodgers 1951 – Kentucky triumphs over Kansas State; Yankees reign supreme in classic New York postseason 1958 –...

baylor v. notre dame

Enjoying the Baylor-Notre Dame National Championship game . . . sorry to my Notre Dame friends, Brittney Griner is so fun to watch, I kind of want Baylor to win!