usa beats italy for first time ever

The USA beat Italy for the first time in a series that began in 1934 with a 1-0 win in Genoa thanks to a well-constructed goal by Clint Dempsey — his 25th for the USA — in the 55th minute (Soccer America).

how exercise fuels the brain

Researchers from Japan’s University of Tsukuba recently published an interesting article further supporting the benefits of exercise for brain health. In their study (published in the most recent issue of The Journal of Physiology), exercising rats had...

medicare meets mephistopheles . . . a review

What an interesting premise, albeit somewhat extreme, and fascinating method of presenting one man’s dim view of Medicare.  Written by David Hyman, Adjunct Professor at the Cato Institute—which should automatically tell the reader how he feels about his subject—and...

pedal power comes with a duty

Great NY Times article on not only the benefits of cycling, but the responsibility that comes with it . . . and not just for the cyclist, but others around us. Click here for the article