I started today (Friday) with a run to Tiananmen Square and back to my hotel. Along the way, I took a few pictures to share some of what I saw.



Garmin tracked my run. It’s off a little on which streets I used, but it’s pretty close. A 10k run to and from Tiananmen Square . . . pretty cool!


Difficult to see, perhaps, but some people performing a martial art in the morning (assuming Tai Chi, but not sure).


East Chang’an Avenue (“Eternal Peace Street”) is a huge 10 lane street on which Tiananmen Square is situated.


A selfie (for my daughters) looking across the street to the square.


Tiananmen Square with the Monument to the People’s Heroes.


Tiananmen Square with the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong; I did not go in this time, but did five years ago . . . creepy cool to see him lying there?


“Xiyuanzi 2nd Alley.” Not sure of the symbolism for the plastic hanger at the entrance . . .


The gentleman in the red had is preparing the day’s meals for the restaurant outside in Wenzhang Hutong.

Sea Salt & Lemon after a run is surprisingly tasty!

Sea Salt & Lemon after a run is surprisingly tasty!