PaleoA couple years ago, I was introduced to the paleo diet by my good friend–and super smart MMA athlete–Abe Wagner; he and his family have become hardcore purists of this approach to nutrition.  I toyed with the approach for six months or so not too long ago.  And while I did indeed lose weight, I’m not sure I necessarily felt that much “better,” as many paleo proponents suggest.

Well, another friend wrote an article on the paleo diet last year for Men’s Health magazine (an article he calls one of his favorites of “all time”).  His takeaway?

it’s a simple system for limiting calories. To keep weight off, I’ll probably have to stick with the plan for life . . . (T)he right foods in the right volume were a matter of life or death for (cavemen). Survival often meant finding new sources of calories. For us, the problem is reversed. Staying lean means deciding what we can live without.

Have you tried it?  Will you try it?  Could you do without grains?

So, check out the article and let me know what you think!