sports screen

The Sports Screen is a unique evaluation to help athletes assess athletic talent, identify performance components that require improvement and help establish goals. Athletes need to know that they have the necessary physical abilities to participate in their given sport or activity. Without adequate strength levels, without proper movement patterns, without the speed or agility necessary to participate in their activity or sport of choice, athletes will find themselves frustrated or unnecessarily predisposed to a higher risk of injury.

What is included?

    • An interview to discuss your medical and sporting histories and to learn what your goals are. This includes
      • current and previous injuries and their associated treatments (if any)
      • a discussion of your future sporting goals
    • Body composition (if indicated for your sport)
    • Measures of speed, power and agility (if indicated)
    • Core stability (if indicated)
    • Sport-specific movement analysis using both the Dartfish & Kinesiocapture/Spark Motion video systems (if indicated)

For more information or to schedule a Sports Screen, contact David at [email protected] for information.

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