soccer program

SoccerSo . . . training for soccer, the world’s most popular sport.  Where to start?

To begin, this is NOT a replacement for the training you receive with your current club/team. Rather, this program supplements what your coaches are doing with training to improve speed, endurance while simultaneously reducing your risk of injury.

Whether your goals are to start for your club team, earn a college scholarship or play for the National Team, a safe, research-based training program will help get you there.

How can you achieve those goals?

  • Biomechanically correct movement (to move better and reduce injury risk)
  • Consistent participation in a power, strength and flexibility program
  • Scientifically-supported detailed training program

What’s included?

Our standard soccer program begins with a detailed consultation including a review of your soccer training, playing and injury history and discussion of your goals.

Soccer-specific strength & flexibility. Running, whether for 20 minutes or several hours, requires your muscles to work overtime. Our program gives you the right exercises to run more efficiently.

Performance plyometric program. Plyometric — or jump training —exercises have been shown to improve speed, explosiveness, and jumping ability while reducing the risk of injury. Further, running economy, efficiency and speed while playing soccer all improve. Meaning, you can run farther and faster while expending less energy. We combine plyometrics with specially chosen strengthening exercises to give you that performance edge.

Injury Screen.  If you’ve recently been injured or can’t seem to get over a nagging injury, we offer a screen to determine the best course of treatment for you. That might mean referral to a specialist, bracing or formal physical therapy. Also included is a screen to determine your risk of significant knee injury.

How the full program works.

The soccer program includes two training sessions each week, each one hour long.

  1. Session one will allow us to gather all relevant data (goals, history, video analysis, injury risk)
    • Wear athletic clothes (shorts are preferred)
    • Bring both running and soccer shoes
  2. The second session will include
    • Video and injury risk review
    • Strength training prescription & instruction
    • Training program discussion
  3. The program lasts six weeks
    • Two sessions per week
    • Each session one hour long
    • One-on-one with David
  4. Communication
    • In addition to my email address, you will have access to my cellphone number to communicate via text during program participation and if any injuries occur at any future date
    • I have had many athletes text a question before or after a game or to just have a quick assessment of an injury; this is available for all program participants
  5. The price for the full program is $500
    • Small groups are also an option

Note: Any of the above items may be used separately as well.


To say that it’s tough being injured playing soccer is an understatement! We focus on a quick, safe return to soccer. We do this any number of ways, including formal physical therapy, referral to a specialist. The rehab services provided is actually a hybrid approach of:

  • sports physical therapy,
  • athletic training and
  • strength & conditioning

Why David?

Not only am I a soccer player, I have worked with players from several national, professional, college teams as well as teams from every Omaha-area cub and high school (click here for a partial list). In addition, I am also the Medical Director for a high level soccer club. For some thoughts others have had, check out some of the testimonials below.

Want more information? Contact David at

The time and effort you have put into my growth and intelligence as a plyer and a person is beyond anything I could have asked for. I am ten times stronger and faster than when I arrived.–LM

I first went to David in seventh grade to help prevent the tearing of my ACL, but that was only the beginning. Over the years I have visited David Potach a good amount of times. He really knows what he is doing and always strives to do his best in getting his customers/patients back to 100% in as little time as possible. He offers a very welcoming environment filled with the right machines and technology to do their best in helping their patients recovery time. David is the person to see to help themselves and their patients grow from their experiences.–Theresa

Omaha Sports Physical Therapy has been the absolute best place for me to recover.  I have been attending the clinic since I was a freshman in high school, and I could not ask for a better group of people. Their expertise and personalities actually make the recovery process fun, and therefore that much easier. Through injuries and training, David has been there for me every step of the way. I owe a large portion of my success to him and his knowledge of athletics and injuries.  He got me back on the field countless times, and each time I was fitter and stronger than before.  David focused on my injury, fixed it, and still cared for me when I came back to soccer.  With top notch equipment and personnel, David helped improve my physical condition and was a great friend along the way. Thanks David. –Elizabeth

My name is Lauren. I play on the women’s soccer team at a Division I University. I became familiar with David when I tore my ACL during the fall of my freshman year of high school. My surgeon recommended that I do my rehabilitation with David because of the great atmosphere, and his reputation for successfully rehabilitating elite athletes. Although my appointments were sometimes full of difficult exercises and struggle, I was always excited to go and really enjoyed physical therapy there because it was challenging and fast paced. After surgery, I quickly transitioned from 1-2 appointments per week to multiple appointments; sometimes going everyday. The trainers and the environment allowed me to push myself and forget about being sad about my injury, and instead motivated me to get back onto the field. David was very good about doing things that were specific to my body and my sport. And I remember being there past my allotted appointment time just working on different knee exercises. He was always there for me and was even willing to come in extra, or meet me at odd times to work out.
Not only did I recover from my injury quickly and successfully, but I also built many long lasting friendships. Even when I finished my rehabilitation I would call David or the staff to come in if I needed anything during my last three years of high school. I came in for numerous ultrasounds, icings, etc. when I sprained an ankle or tweaked a knee. This past year, I also came in during breaks from college if I was “banged up.” David and the staff have always been so nice about getting me in right away and always made time for me. I know that they really care about me as a person, and not just as an athlete with an injury. Finally, along with other training experience I have had as an athlete, my experience with David has pointed me towards my future. I plan to be a college level strength and conditioning coach and am studying towards that goal in college. I know that David and my experience with him have contributed greatly to my passion in this field.–Lauren

Thank you Dave so much for everything that you did for me. I really had a fun time with you! Thank you for helping me do a lot better on making my knees stronger and improving my vertical jump.–TK