Essentials of Strength Training and ConditioningSeveral years ago, I was asked to re-vamp two textbook chapters in the NSCA’s Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning–one on plyometric training, the other on reconditioning for the injured athlete. Since that time, the text has had two more editions and has gone on to become the most respected resource for CSCS exam preparation and the biggest academic seller for its publisher, Human Kinetics.

I am excited to say that after more than a year a half of work, the Fourth Edition of this seminal text was released for sale this week; the new edition has had several updates, including in the chapters I wrote with co-authors, Drs. Terry Grindstaff and Don Chu. I’m proud to be part of the text and hope you enjoy learning from it as much as I enjoyed helping to create it. (As an aside, for those wanting insight on the best way to design a resistance training program for athletes, Chapter 17. Program Design for Resistance Training by
Jeremy M. Sheppard, PhD, and N. Travis Triplett, PhD should be considered essential reading.)

So, check out the new edition and if interested, you can order it below or by clicking here; free shipping is available by using the code, ESSENTIALS2015.