running philosophy

So what’s my running philosophy and why does it matter?

Before you spend your time with a physical therapist or strength and conditioning coach, I think you should know what you’re getting. So here’s what you’ll get from me.  My training focus is on two things, helping athletes get to the next level of running (e.g., setting PR’s, safely running faster) and returning to running after injury.  So, here’s what I believe in a nutshell . . . runners don’t get faster just by running, there’s so much more to it than that.

Bound 2Strength/plyometrics

At the core of almost all athletic endeavors is the ability of muscles to work efficiently to help achieve the athlete’s ultimate goal.  For a basketball player, that might mean jumping higher; for a football player, exploding with the snap of the ball is essential.  For runners, the ability to use the right muscles at the right time to move with less energy used is paramount.  Sure, running more helps, but study after study has shown an improvement in running economy, efficiency and–ultimately–performance with the inclusion of strength and plyometric training.  Our program wouldn’t be complete (and neither will yours) without it.


Overstriding, crossing over, pronounced heel strike, out toeing . . . none of those is good and they often lead to impaired performance or injury.  So how do you know if you do that?  Our video analysis helps identify those and other faults to improve your efficiency and reduce your risk of injury.

Purpose-driven running

So, you’re running seven miles tomorrow . . . why?  We do not believe in junk miles (completing runs just to log them).  Instead, each run should have a purpose or goal.


A very popular topic  in recent years is what, aside from the above, really limits performance?  Why do most runners slow down toward the end of long runs or races? Can we do something (aside from improving our VO2max) to reduce their loss of speed?  We believe they can.

So if you’re interested in reaching that next level, check out the full running program page or contact David.