running program

What are your running performance goals?

That extra edge to run farther or faster? Or simply less pain in your feet, knees & hips?

I understand both the joy and the pain of running a 10K or finishing a marathon. I know because I’ve done those things. Let me work with you to reach your goals so you can get the most from the sport you love.

What do you need to reach those goals?

  • Biomechanically efficient form
  • Appropriate power, strength and flexibility
  • Scientifically-supported detailed training program
  • Motivation when running

Does your program include all of those?  Some of them? None of them? If you’re missing any of those components, check out how our running philosophy and how our program works!

What’s included?

Our running program begins with a detailed consultation including a review of your running history and discussion of your goals.

Video Gait Analysis. While all of us have unique running styles, there are technique problems that our digital, computerized analysis can pick up to improve running mechanics. Our analysis system allows us to pick up gait errors (like overstriding, overpronation, crossover) any of which may lead to injury or may be keeping you from reaching your running goals.

Gait Retraining. Using the results of the video analysis, we are able to improve your running by teaching a more economical, efficient way to run. How?

Shoe screen & prescription. By evaluating your shoe’s wear patterns and looking at the alignment of your feet, knees & hips, we can tell you what type of shoe is most appropriate for you.

Running-specific strength & flexibility. Running, whether for 20 minutes or several hours, requires your muscles to work overtime. Our program gives you the right exercises to run more efficiently.

Performance plyometric program. Plyometric — or jump training —exercises have been shown to improve speed, explosiveness, and jumping ability while reducing the risk of injury. Further, as it concerns running, it has consistently been shown to improve running economy, efficiency and speed. Meaning, you can run farther and faster while expending less energy. We combine plyometrics with specially chosen strengthening exercises to give you that performance edge.

Training Program. Using your goals, my colleagues at Quest can provide an individualized program just for you.


Runners CANNOT stand to stop running!  Have you been relegated to the dreaded elliptical or pool?

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What do others have to say about this running program?

“My name is Dan, I am a marathoner & have been going to David for several years now for my minor running injuries.  Not only does he help me to get back to regular training, he is also an athlete himself who provides physical stretching & exercising as well as advice for cross training & other activities.  With his expertise, I have learned a lot about challenging myself without overdoing my running.  Over time, I have become a better and more consistent runner and have stayed away from many of the smaller injuries that had been much more frequent a few years ago.  I attribute much of this success to the help & the things I have learned from going to David.  I trust his experience & advice to strengthen me to get back to my training when I am injured.  The best example I can give to this is in the spring of 2008 I was preparing for the Boston Marathon & I got a heel injury about 8 weeks before the race.  The timing was horrible, but I worked with David & the staff on a program to calm the inflammation, strengthen it & work my way back into running.  I took it all on faith that they knew what they were doing & that marathon turned out to be my best Boston Marathon up to that point.  I look forward to continuing to work with David as needed.” -Dan

“The video analysis was amazing. It picked up a flaw that I didn’t know caused my foot pain. Correcting it and getting in the proper shoes helped me finish the Chicago Marathon. And I could even walk the next day!” – Jake W.

“David and the entire staff are amazing.   The first time I met David I could tell how much he cares about getting his clients back to doing what they love.  He was very thorough and really took the time to figure out exactly what was needed in order for me to run again.  David goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to his clients.  I have small children and it was very hard for me to fit physical therapy into my schedule.  David was willing to meet me at 6:30 am so I could complete my physical therapy.  His willingness to come in so early for me was just one way in which David shows dedication to his clients.  I strongly recommend David to all of my friends and family.” —Traci

“My recent ACL injury prevented me from running. The video analysis showed my knee was unstable and how that affected
my entire leg. The analysis allowed my physical therapist to design an exercise program that addressed the instability.” – Jessica K.

“How can I begin to express my sincere gratitude? In these last two months I’m not only had my physical recovery aided, but I’ve also had the rare opportunity to see compassion and sacrifice at its finest. David, I can’t say that I’m glad I injured myself in the first place, but I’m certainly honored to have met and worked with you.” -Lindy

“As a runner for the last 30 years I understand the importance of proper rehab and conditioning to remain in the sport I love.  After a significant injury cost me three months training in 2008 I began working with David and Omaha Sports Physical Therapy.  With David’s guidance 2009 is turning out to be my best year in almost 2 decades, including running my first marathon since 1996.  I highly recommend Omaha Sports Physical Therapy to our Team Nebraska Brooks athletes and to the running community as well.” -Will

“After months of hard work training for my first full marathon, I pulled a muscle in my leg. I had no idea what it was, and the doctor couldn’t give me any advice other than to rest. With race day approaching, he said I wouldn’t be running. This of course was not an option for me! I contacted Omaha Sports Physical Therapy for another opinion. David and his staff assured me that there was a good chance I could rehab my leg in time for the race, if that was something I was committed to doing. With this new found attitude I began treatment and was given stretches and strengthening exercises to work on. After 4 weeks of physical therapy, I was back to running. I didn’t think it was possible, but the expertise and advice of Omaha Sports Physical Therapy allowed me to complete my first marathon in 4:01- a time I had hoped for BEFORE I was injured! Thanks to them, I have continued to improve my strength and endurance, and continue to perform the exercises they gave me to prevent any recurring problems. I have achieved a number of goals since my injury and rehab. This year I ran a PR 5K in 21:31, a PR 5 mile in 35:27, and a PR ½ marathon in 1:40. My second full marathon is a week away, and I am hoping to finish in 3:30 and qualify for the Boston Marathon in April, 2010! With much appreciation, Jill”

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